THE DISQUIET OF ODD NUMBERS All the shades of a turmoil

Luca Cantore

When, in 2008, the author,  Paolo Giordano, brought out his celebrated book, “The Solitude of Prime  Numbers” he probably knew from the beginning how strong and bombastic  his writing was for the time.  However, he perhaps did not realise back  then that he had written a book even more powerful and universal than  the story it tells.

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Federica Gennari

Femininity is body and substance. Womanhood has a shape, an expression, a  movement, and seductive physical and intellectual qualities.  Womanhood  is seen in the gazes: strong, intense, penetrating, but often without  mercy towards an inner self that cannot hide.  The eyes are magnetic and  meaningful, their feelings left to be deciphered, while these are  betrayed by emotions far too cumbersome and distressing.  This emotive  intrigue is transmitted through the facial language and expressions, and  seems to be reflected in the gazes of this painting by Clelia Adami,  (b. Brescia, 15 October 1983).

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Volti, occhi, sguardi.

Paolo Sacchini

                                                                                                                                                                                          “Oh, I could weep my spirit from mine eyes!”

                                                                                                                                     William Shakespeare

“The eye truly is  our most precious sensory organ and its command over others has enabled  the human intellect to create civilization.  Seeing means to become  conscious of the environment: it is the equivalent of "knowing",  possessing the world and commanding it.  It is having "power" and doing  something to the world, not only with the hands but also with the  spirit.  Through his hands primitive man became sapiens and also Homo  Faber, and they would have been useless had they not been guided by his  sight .”

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